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Service Offerings


Salty Yoga

Experience the mental and physical benefits of practicing yoga while breathing in salt air. 60 minutes.

Salt Bed

Nestle yourself in our state-of-the art heated salt bed with chromotherapy (light therapy) + Halotherapy. 45 minutes. Without Halotherapy option also available.

Salt Lounge

Rest or meditate in our Salt Lounge, while experiencing the benefits of halotherapy. 45 minutes.

Salt BootH

Short on time? Try an express treatment in our private salt booth for 1 or 2 people. 20 minutes.

Kids Salt Room

Kids can play while gently alleviating coughs, colds, runny noses, allergies, asthma and more in a kid-friendly salt room. 45 minutes.


A Premier Halotherapy Destination

We worked with an incredible team to make sure your experience at Breathe Yoga + Salt exceeds your expectations. Our Halotherapy equipment and Himalayan salt features were mindfully selected to ensure you receive a top quality treatment in a comfortable environment.


A holistic wellness destination

Breathe Yoga Salt offers services to help you breathe better and feel better using tools like halotherapy, yoga, and breathwork but we go a layer deeper by providing you with wellness education. We believe wellness includes nourishment from all areas of life including nutritional, spiritual, relational, environmental, emotional, and physical. Subscribe to our newsletter below and check out our events page to learn more.


Salt Lamp Collection

Looking for unique salt lamps of good quality? We’ve got you covered. Our lamps are sourced directly from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan guaranteeing the best quality salt there is.